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Getting Started with WordPress

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WordPress! Is a small content management system for clients that are looking to get setup online fast. The awesome thing is with WordPress is that you don’t need to code your website! It comes with thousands of free themes and plugins!

Sounds good? Let’s Get Started then!

1.Account Details: First, you’ll need your login details that our web server has sent you via email. These details are only sent once to you. If you need to get these reset at any point or have not received them at all, please open a support ticket for these details to be resent to you.

2.Control Panel: If you have your account details, login to your control panel here. (This is also where you will find, how to setup your email accounts in here). Once logged in, you will see a search bar at the top of the screen and you will need to type ‘WordPress’ and it will prompt the ‘WordPress Manager’ to appear.

3.WordPress Manager – Once the page appears, you’ll need to select your domain, and ensure that you install it on your domain under ‘HTTPS’ not HTTP (HTTP) is not encrypted, and not safe for credit/debit card details, below this if you click ‘advanced’, you’ll have the option to write your username and password, please make sure you change this and remember this. Once these details are stored,  Bridget Sarah cannot get these for you. 

Once the installation has been completed, WordPress will generate two links for you:

Your Website Link: e.g (www.bridgetsarah.co.uk)

WordPress Login Area (To manage it yourself) at: www.bridgetsarah.co.uk/wp-admin  (Your login details for WordPress you created in step 1 go here).  

4Login to WordPress: – Once you’ve logged in, that’s it for our getting started tutorial for WordPress, for more tutorials, checkout our WordPress Section.