How to build an online shop for £20.00 without ads!

Get started with your business by building your own online shop online with WordPress, and without advertisements or hidden catches.

What’s WordPress? Isn’t it just a blog? No, well that’s how it started off as but over the years and due to technology, WordPress is now a full content management system, which means you have the control over your entire website and updating your website with new products.

The true power of WordPress is that in simplest terms WordPress is built like lego bricks, putting each bit together, which means that you don’t just have to have a shop, you can have a page for a blog, a page for etc and even turn it into a Magazine let alone anything else you can think of.

How do I get started?

If you don’t have a domain name, you’ll need to purchase one from NameCheap, roughly between £10.00 Per year for a, or a .com extension and they’re the cheapest I’ve found. Once you’ve purchased your domain, you’ll need to purchase website hosting, this is virtual storage for your website. I provide website hosting accounts from £8.99 per month.

So, so far for a start up cost for your website, under £20, one off fee.

Once, the hosting is purchased, you’ll need to point your domain to your hosting account from your domain provider (NameCheap). Once your domains synced to the server then you can (Free) install WordPress and add the shopping cart extension (Free) Woo Commerce.

You can then choose a theme (free), or find a website designer or developer to create a more personalised one for you. You’ll just need to configure the taxes, upload your products for your business, configure the payment gateway and guess what you’re good to go.

What about a mobile app to manage my website?

WordPress offers this and even Woo Commerce also have a mobile application, which means that you’re easily able to update your website from your mobile at any point and it’s all free!

No advertisements, or hidden costs.

What about Wix or Weebly, SquareSpace?

They might look flashy, but in reality, they’ll charge you almost 4-5 times the amount you’ll pay for this website. They charge for features, newsletters, social interaction, and on top, they promote a lot of their websites with advertisements.

Going back to the Lego Block Theory with WordPress, you can do anything with it, and the majority of the time e.g plugins, some are premium for a reason like a membership site, but a lot of the features are already built into WordPress and if you should come across a premium plugin, and want to know a freeway around it, then please email me with your question.