Website Design & Development Web Studio based in London. Building bespoke websites and applications for your business.Your website and Applications are built with a eco friendly sustainable framework to keep websites and applications, fast optimised for the web and all mobile friendly devices.

Free Consultation

Once we’ve got an idea, then we’ll start mocking up a design for your website or application.If you’re happy, we’ll shake hands and send you a contract.

  • Initial Deposit: 25%
  • Time: 1 Week


We’ll send you over different versions of your design, and you’ll need to let us know if there’s any changes.

  • Deposit: 25% 
  • Time: 1 Week


We’ll start coding your design and features and testing your website as we go. Once we’re ready we’ll move it from local to production and it’s ready to go.

  • Final Deposit: 50%
  • Time: 1 Week


Bridget Sarah

Business Founder & Full Stack Web Developer

15 Years of Experience in Website Design & Development. Specialising from small to medium websites and web applications including WordPress custom theme development.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eco Wind, SaaS, TailWind.

Backend: Node JS, Express JS, Python, Django, SQL Lite & PostGreSQL


  • Website Design – Insured By Direct Line
  • Cyber Insurance – Insured by Direct Line
  • Professional Indemnity – Insured by Direct Line