Here’s a few questions we thought you might want to ask before you get in touch.

How long will it take for my website to be built? I generally run on a strict turn around, so it shall be a week, and you can also monitor its progress live while its being built.

Do you provide Hosting & Domains? Yes I do offer Domains & Hosting, including migrational hosting but to cut costs down for you as our customer I don’t offer an online shop, because this would raise costs for you as an customer. Next year I will launch a new platform so it will mean that the platform will manage your renewals and automation. I can lower your hosting costs but you need to get in touch with me first.

What about security? If you are using a shared hosting platform currently. Let me assure you personally, its not secure. Being in the cloud is more secure and personally, as full stack developer, security is one area that we cater for to ensure that we comply with the law and that both of our data is secure and protected. If you hire a random developer, you may find in this case that this is not something they would provide.

Your opening hours are only 9am-11am? Yes that’s correct, until my daughter starts full time education (Sep 2020) that’s the hours I spend developing customers websites. However I do a lot more development and administration of the business in the evenings and always reachable.