If you’re a client transfering over to us. Have you ever noticed when you go to renew your domain, its more than expensive than it started?

Low Price

The domains offered here are at the lowest flat rate and it will be the same renewal price if you wish to renew you domain that’s a promise.


Finding the right host can be hard starting a website epsessically if you don’t know the tech.

Right Partner

We have found the right partner, and again we are able to offer you the lowest prices for hosting starting at £1.50 pm. You really can’t find anything lower for that!

WordPress Support

We provide free 24/7 support for all our clients with websites that are using the WordPress Platform.

Technical Support

When it comes to applications, we will need to charge a support plan, due to the technical issues that can happen with any cloud application, such as scaling a application for enterprise development.

Additional Services


Few years ago, it was just about keywords and description. The Search Engine Optimization market now days has changed. We will be able to advice you on the correct strategy to get your business noticed.


If you’re looking at transfering from another host then please get in touch as we’ll be able to migrate your website over as soon as possible.

Cloud Protect

This is a personalised service that is created for any website or application. Means that your website or application can be monitored for (Downtime or attacks towards your website)