Just Me

I’m Bridget and i’ve created my own my own digital cloud agency. In short, I provide cloud ready websites & applications for all types of business models, startup, small, medium and large (future).

Why Now?

I’ve spent the last three years in London with my daughter retraining into Web Development and Full Stack and now I’m in the position to be able to return part time to be able to work remotely from home.

Future goals

  • Sep 2020 – Launch Cloud Application Development
  • Dec 2020 – Launch own platform.
  • Sep 2021 – Enter Cloud Enterprise Market


I am a mid-level range full stack developer. Which means I have an incredible knowledge base when it comes to Web Development. What I will say is that the last ten years, there has been some amazing advancements in technology, and to be a full stack developer, you must be on the ball otherwise you’ll be left behind.

If you are seeking a person to give you true value, help you to get your website or application and business up into the cloud that will be me.